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15 Rules That Disney Employees Must Follow

Well, you have heard as it would be a dream to get a job in Disney world. Though it might sound good in terms of few aspects things like strict rules for employees will make you to reconsider or to cross check whether you really wish to get into Disney job? To be frank, you can confirm these rules by visiting the official Disney Hub For Employees.Disney Hub For Employees

Here are 15 strict rules for Disney Hub employees to follow

  1. Disney Employees are Cast Members

Literally, all the employees of Disney are treated as Disney’s Cast Members. Yes! You heard it right, not only that fellow who performs in stage by wearing Disney characters are referred to as cast members, even the employee who operates the ride, serve food are also wears the character mask. The entire idea is to make the whole Disney Universe as a stage.

  1. No outside pop culture inside Disney universe

Ever since the cast members or Disney Hub employee’s wears the mask of Disney characters they should live like that particular character that includes walking and talking too. To know more about the characters of Disney, one can visit the official Disney Hub Portal Enterprise.

  1. Height requirements

In order to perform the Disney Characters by the cast members of Disney or Disney hub employees, one should possess’ specific height requirement that is relevant to the characters. For playing a Disney princess role, you should be around 5’4’’to 5’8’’.

  1. Physical appearances

Disney has unique physical appearance requirements for its cast members or Disney employees. For women, they should have natural looking hair color along with classic style. For men, their hair should cover their ears and it should be long enough to cover their shirt collars.

  1. Jewel Rules

Disney universe implies strict rules on its employees when it comes to wearing jewels, both women and men allowed to wear only one ring on each hand. And women allowed wearing one earring on each ear, but men not allowed wearing earrings.

  1. Employees knew by their First Name

Unlike other workplaces, Disney Universe identifies its employees only by their first name. Even Mr. or Miss. Tradition too not followed in Disney universe. Apart from the original first names, no duplicate names all allowed for the cast member to use. Know how to download Disney channel app

  1. The way of directing viewers/visitors

Disney employees are not allowed to show directions to the Disney park viewers or visitors by pointing the single finger, instead, they supposed to show direction either by two fingers or by using their whole hand.

  1. Garbage Collection

If any of the Disney cast members or Disney Hub employee found garbage inside the Disney universe, then he/she must pick the garbage and safely deposits into the garbage collecting tins. The main intention is to provide a better place to be happy in the earth for the viewers or visitors of Disney park/universe.

  1. Employees should never use “l don’t know”

Disney employees or cast members are not allowed to use the 3 words “I don’t know” when they are at work. Instead, they can refer to other employee or park operator to seek answers for the queries of the visitors or viewers of Disney universe.

  1. Autograph Training

It doesn’t matter whether your handwriting is good or not? Every employee should undergo autograph training in order to autograph exactly like the character of Disney for the kids within the Disney universe. More details can be found in Disney Hub Portal Enterprise or contact Disney Hub Customer Care Number.